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Criminal Defense


We are courageous and willing to fight to ensure your constitutional rights. We handle jury trials, probation revocation hearings, motions hearings, plea negotiations, first-offender hearings, and other criminal defense matters. 


We handle felonies and misdemeanors, including self-defense, possession charges, and DUI. Contact Crayon Law Firm for professional help and quality attention and focus on what matters most, your case. 

Protected my Rights...

Kevin Crayon helped my family and me tremendously. He protected my constitutional rights and saved my time, money, and freedom. Thank you!

The Best Lawyer...



Mr. Crayon is the best lawyer money can buy. I highly recommend his services in any legal situation you might find yourself stuck in. Mr. Crayon handled my case(s) with extreme professionalism and he was completely honest and did exactly what he told me he would. 

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