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Frequently Asked Questions



Attorney Kevin C. Crayon II and colleagues answer several legal questions on 
How much are your fees?

We offer alternative and traditional fee structures. At our firm, you can generally get started for a lower amount, and it will always be clear what you're paying for. If you prevail on your case, you may get your attorney fees reimbursed.


Our fees are priced to assure quality attention and representation. Therefore, we are not a "bargain basement" firm, nor are we a "mill." However, our fees are competitive and tend to be lower because we pass our savings onto our clients. You get the best of both worlds, quality at a fair price. 

To keep fees affordable and (somewhat) predictable, our retainer sheet below explains how much retainer is usually expected per phase of the litigation. Additionally, sometimes we defer hourly balances (the amounts billed minus the amounts you paid) to be to be collected in a settlement or award. This keeps representation affordable. We also accept payment plans for retainers, making us even more affordable. Refer to the fee sheet below. 


Additionally, because of the payment plans and flexible payment terms we offer, we tend to be more accessible for those in need of good representation. Because each case is different, feel free to discuss pricing with our firm for more specific information. Your contract and engagement will be very clear, in plain language regarding fees. We believe in "no surprise billing." 

Click here for the standard price sheet for MSPB matters. 

Click here for the standard price sheet for EEOC and civil action matters. 

In addition to full representation, we offer limited-scope budgeted representation. Contact us for details. 


Is your consultation free?​

The lead attorney performs hundreds of hours of free consultations every year! Although we cannot guarantee everyone a free phone consultation because of the volume of requests we receive, you will never be billed after-the-fact for any initial consultations we perform unless we formally agree, in writing, to some form of representation, which will be made very clear to you. 

Is our free consultation still confidential?


Yes! We take this ethical and legal duty seriously. We keep all consultations strictly confidential in accordance with ethical rules and laws. This includes any statements, materials, and documents you send to us for consultation purposes. This confidentiality applies equally to prospects and clients. All communications are confidential whether we agree to representation or not. You can trust that we have several security measures to safeguard your information. Avoid using your employer's email when emailing us to ensure confidentiality. 

Is your free consultation legal advice I can rely on?

No. As attorneys, we enjoy providing free initial guidance, but free consultations (or videos, articles, podcasts, and other similar guidance) are not legal advice unless we formally and clearly agree to some form of representation, in writing. Any free comments or reviews we offer you regarding your matter are simply courtesies that we extend to the public seeking guidance. You must formally hire us, however, or another attorney or law firm, if you need legal advice, or immediate assistance that you can rely on.

Oftentimes, we are very involved in free consultations, including reviewing documents, for free, to help us understand your case to make an informed decision on whether the firm can assist you as a potential new client. This is part of our firm's commitment to public service and excellency. But these types of reviews and consultations are extensions of our free courtesy, unless, of course, we formally agree to representation in writing. 

Are you my attorney if we have a free consultation?

No. Unless we have a written contract, we do not formally represent you. Aside from our duty to maintain confidentiality, free consultations do not create any attorney-client relationship or any obligation between us whatsoever. You are ultimately responsible for any deadlines, etc.


Unless we have a contract for full representation, the firm does not calendar your case or deadlines, nor is the firm responsible in any way for advising you in any manner. You must timely hire our firm, or another attorney or firm, if you require full legal representation. 

For limited-scope representation clients, we provide procedural guidance and advice beyond free consultations, but only to assist you in your self-representation of your case. With this arrangement, you are still responsible for deadlines if you are self-represented. 

How do I retain your firm?

After consulting with you, we may extend an offer of limited-scope or full representation. Due to the volume of our requests we receive, we may decline your case without further consultation (although we do offer parting guidance in those circumstances). 


Our formal written agreement for representation is transparent and clear. Our clients enter into our agreements that are easy to understand, accompanied by policies that further clearly explain the terms of representation. We may also provide you an engagement letter or email to further clarify the scope of the representation. We believe heavily in clear transparency and effective communication with our good clients. 

Do you offer limited, budgeted, or "a la carte" representation?

Yes. We alluded to this above. Many individuals keep us on retainer for limited, budgeted, or "a la carte" representation in lieu of full representation during a particular phase or stage of their matter where they elect to proceed with self representation. This is ideal for clients who need attorney guidance on procedure, explanations of orders, assessments of their case, etc. These clients keep us on retainer for issues that come up, as needed.


Many clients find that this is a more budgeted way for self represented clients to proceed while having an attorney in their corner to provide further guidance and review beyond initial free consultations, if any. Additionally, some clients often start off with this type of alternative limited-scope representation, and then convert to full representation, depending on the circumstances and evidence that develops. 

Please keep in mind that under this type of representation, you are still responsible for your deadlines and responsibilities. Sometimes we may provide templates, but we do not "ghostwrite" your materials, nor do we enter into your case as the attorney of record. We are merely here in an advisory consultative capacity so that you have an edge when representing yourself until you can obtain full representation either with us or another firm, which we always encourage. 

Do you have videos or other content for clients?

Yes. Although we have a lot of public content, we do not want to bore the public with too many details! For clients, however, we have pre-recorded instructions, videos, articles, and other content that we provide to clients to help them understand their particular situation. This can include recordings that explain in detail what to expect during certain phases of the case. We ensure we give you what is relevant to you as a client. Our clients find these materials helpful additions to our consultations.

If you turn down representation, does that mean my case is bad?

No! If we turn down representation, it may be for various reasons, such as workload and volume. Because of the volume of requests we receive, we must be selective and ensure that we reserve our time and resources to provide every case the quality and attention it deserves. If we decline representation, we encourage you to continue to seek further legal guidance for your matter. 

To provide you value, we may comment on something regarding your case. We may also provide additional guidance and resources. This is not legal advice, however. If we express a concern about an aspect of the case, this does not mean it is a legal opinion, nor does it mean these are the sole reasons for us declining a case. We will explain to you clearly if we decline a case. In many instances, however, we may decline full representation, but extend to you limited scope representation as described above. 

Can I send you documents to review​?

Yes; we generally like to take a brief review of documents to understand your matter. This increases the quality of our free consultations. 


We only accept emailed or faxed documents. Please do not mail us hard copies of your documents, discs, or materials as they may not be returned.  

Is a followup consultation free​?

Unless we agree to representation in writing, or decline representation, free followup consultations often occur. We may ask for more facts, documents, etc., and then we may followup by email or phone regarding whether we can assist with representation. Again, you will never be billed after-the-fact for any consultations. Any offers of representation will be made clear to you and formal.  

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