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Whether you've been removed, demoted, discriminated or retaliated against, we secure your employment rights. Federal law prohibits discrimination and unlawful retaliation based on protected activity, such as "whistleblowing." Federal employees in the competitive service generally cannot be removed or suffer an adverse action unless proper procedures are followed and just cause exists. 


Crayon Law Firm specializes in protecting the rights of individuals in the competitive service. This includes matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). We've litigated cases dealing with discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful removal.


If you filed an EEOC complaint or MSPB appeal and desire professional help, or are thinking about filing an action, consult professional help at Crayon Law Firm. 

$ Six (6) Figure Payday!

After securing a victory for me at my 10-11 September 2013 EEOC hearing against the top two management persons at my place of employment, Kevin and I went into the Damages Hearing on 14 January 2014. As with the September Hearing, Kevin was well prepared himself as were also the witnesses he prepped to testify that day. The proceedings for that day could NOT have gone better! The defense had no chance at all. Caught between a rock and a crazy place, the defense lawyer and my place of employment gave me EVERYTHING Kevin and I demanded. Kevin never tried to settle for less or sell me out at any point along the way. I received a six figure monetary settlement, all leave restored that was used by me due to job stress, all the bogus disciplinary action given to me by the management defendants was removed from my personal file, lifetime job-related FMLA status AND the removal of the top two management personnel from my work facility! Kevin has kept in touch with me since to see how things were going and him and I have made plans to counter any future problems that may occur. I dare them to try anything!!

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